Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ottolenghi Chocolate Fudge Cake

This is probably the most chocolatey tart I've ever had and best of all, it's actually quite easy! We were invited over for dinner at a friends' place a couple of weeks and I offered to bring dessert, already having this cake in mind, which I've had at another friends dinner party.
When I had the tart at my friend's dinner party I loved it so much I asked her for the recipe and I finally had a good reason to give it a go myself. It doesn't look big but believe me, it feeds quite a few people as it is fairly rich. Is mainly consists of chocolate, chocolate and chocolate mixed with butter, egg and sugar. It's divine!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Master Roll Vietnam - Maybe the best lunch in South Yarra

As you know I've recently started a new job and it's located quite conveniently in South Yarra, not far from South Yarra Station. One of the many things I like about this location is the variety of lunch places we can go to near work. 
Pork Belly Banh Mi
At the moment, my favourite place is probably Master Roll Vietnam on Toorak Road near the station. Master Roll only opened up shop a few months ago but has already become very popular and it has happened to me a few times now, that I had to queue even outside the door. But it is so worth it! 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Giddiup - Starting the day with a great breakfast

I've had take-away coffee and the occasional croissant or pear and walnut bread from Giddiup before but last Sunday we decided we wanted to try it properly. 

We scored a table outside in the sun and were quickly attended to by one of their friendly staff. We ordered our coffees and started perusing the menu. It was a menu of tough decisions, a few things caught my eye and being Miss Indecisive it took me a while to make up my mind, in the end I went for the buttered mushrooms and asparagus with chèvre. Mr L decided on the avocado and chèvre on toast with a poached egg.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Fancy Footy Picnic: Moroccon Lamb and Harissa Sausage Rolls

Last weekend I was treated to some very special homemade sausage rolls, one of the most Australian foods I can think of. All up I've now lived in the most livable city in the world aka Melbourne for 3 years now but whenever someone asks me, what foot team I support, I still can't answer that question. However, I quite enjoy going to the stadium to catch a game.
So last week Mr. L suggested we go to the MCG to catch a finals game and bought tickets for North Melbourne vs Essendon for a 6:50pm game on a Saturday night. Saturday day I had to sit the IELTS test (don't ask, long story!) which took up most of my day, when I came home, the house smelled amazing.
Mr. L had made sausage rolls for us to take to the Footy, but not your average sausage rolls, these were fancy moroccan lamb and harissa sausage rolls. 

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Battle of the Chefs at Lamaro's

A few weeks ago I heard about a great regular event at Lamaro's in South Melbourne: Ever Tuesday in August and September two of their chefs go head to head and cook a four course meal. At the end the guests judge which dishes they preferred. Two starters, two mains. We had booked a few weeks earlier but had to re-schedule. When the time finally came around I was quite excited as none of us really knew what to expect.

We were greeted by a lovely front of house who explained the process to us and when one of my friends mentioned she was gluten intolerant they were amazing how they adapted the dishes, they made sure that she still got a very similar experience and checked with her before each course.