Monday, 3 August 2015

Soup Monday - Avgolemono Soupa (Greek Lemon Chicken Soup)

I've been seeing Lemon Chicken Soup at take-away soup places near work and I've been intrigued to see what it is, as I had never tried one. When researching recipes and I read that this soup has the consistency of Hollandaise Sauce I was sold. It has no added sugar or cream, yet is super creamy.
Traditionally this chicken-lemon-egg soup is made with just chicken stock, no actual meat, but in order to get a bit more protein in you can add shredded poached chicken.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Soup Monday - Spanish Fish Soup

I'm back in Australia and man, it's so cold here! Everybody in Germany always expects me to be super tanned because I live in Australia, but this current weather does nothing for my tan! I feel like an eskimo, rugged up so you can barely see my nose! Something to warm me from the inside and dream of warmer countries is the only remedy at the moment!
Today's recipe is one of my mother's favourite soups, it's from a (German) Thermomix cookbook about Mediterranean cooking. The soup is originally from Mallorca, Spain which is to Germans what Bali is to Australians. Lots of tourists, but also very beautiful and if you look past the tourist malls you can find delicious Spanish food. I made this in a normal pot, so it's slightly changed, but whether you make it in a Thermomix or normal pot, it is absolutely delicious!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Breakfast in Singapore - Symmetry

It's almost time for me to fly home again, it seems the last 10 days have simply flown past. Before I board my flight back to cold Melbourne I wanted to write about my stopp-over in Singapore. Technically it wasn't a stop-over, but an 8-hour wait between connecting flights. I know Changi Airport is amazing with all it has to offer, but I feel like I've explored every possible corner of it during my many other stop-overs on the way home.
So I decided to take the MRT into town and have breakfast. I was recommended Symmetry in Bugis. The MRT leaves from the airport with only one change in between (at Tanah Merah), so it was super easy for a tired traveller with carry-on luggage!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Soup Monday - My Mother's Garden Vegetable Soup

I am loving my holidays. Unfortunately I only have two more days left in sunny Germany before I head back to Australia. But I'm making the most of my time at home by cooking with my mother and lying in the sun, reading a book. My idea of happiness. I think I might've said it before, but I LOVE my parents' veggie patch. Just being able to go outside and pick a few things to then make something delicious out of them is perfect bliss in my eyes. I just wish I could have a veggie patch like this, but an apartment in South Melbourne just isn't the right spot for that. One day though...
This soup is one of my mother's staples, there were actually left-overs of the same soup the day I arrived a week and a half ago and we made it again today. She usually just throws in whatever is ready to be harvested.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Spaghetti Squash with Pork Meatballs

I’m an absolute pasta lover. I’ll have it with carbonara, bolognese or even just plain with some roasted cherry tomatoes and some olive oil. I’m usually not someone who avoids carbs at all costs, but when L first showed me Spaghetti Squash at the market I was intrigued.
A pumpkin that apparently turns into pasta. Not like zucchini where you have to use a spiralizer to get those spaghetti like strands. No, it’s just a freak of nature that actually comes like that! You roast it and then, tada, you scrape out the strands and have something that looks like pasta. Obviously it doesn’t taste exactly like pasta, but the squash doesn’t have much flavour itself either, so it’s perfect to combine with flavoursome sauces, or as in my case, with delicious meatballs, a knob of butter and some parmesan.
If you see spaghetti squash at your local market, grab it. It’s still not easy to get, so when you can get your hands on it, do me a favour and give it a go!