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Breakfast Chez Dré - The French Way

Chez Dre isn't really new on the breakfast list in Melbourne and this certainly hadn't been the first time I had breakfast there, but I finally want to write about my experience. I'm extremely lucky to have recently moved within a 3 minute walk of Chez Dre, lucky me, but oh the temptation! 
Field Mushrooms with Dukkah and Coddled Eggs on Sourdough
When I have time up my sleeve before work I have often stopped for coffee at Chez Dre. But seriously, who would be able to really only get a coffee from Chez Dre and resist the temptation of their croissants, almond croissants, chocolate-almond croissants, blueberry brioche danishes and other mouthwatering things?! Well, I certainly have never been able to leave without something to nibble on while sipping my coffee.
I have only ever been during the week, which usually meant, walking in and getting a table straight away, but know that it can be quite a different story on the weekend. However we were lucky when we went this Saturday, we only had to wait about 5 minutes until the friendly front-of-house led us to our table. We must've just beaten the crowd as soon after a long line formed at the entrance.
We ordered our coffees, a soy latte and a house brew coffee. Despite the restaurant being absolutely packed they arrived very quickly and we could place our breakfast order. I chose the weekly special Field Mushrooms, which came with meredith goats fetta, dukkah & coddled eggs on sourdough and Mr L chose the Spiced Lamb Jaffle from the regular menu which came in house made brioche with pine nuts, a fried egg, labneh, pickeled red onion, parsley & sumac. 
Spiced Lamb Jaffle
The eggs came out perfectly, the egg yolks were waxy and the dukkah complemented the mushrooms really well. I had a hard time taking those photos before digging in, it just looked to good and appetizing!

As always I also had a little try of Mr L's breakfast, his lamb jaffles were the exact right amount of spicy and the labneh off-set the spice nicely.
Needless to say we both polished off our plates and not a crumb was left!

This was the second time that I have tried their special, last time I tried the truffled eggs (coddled eggs with pecorino, prosciutto and truffle oil) which were extremely good. 
Truffled Eggs with Prosciutto and Pecorino on Sourdough
The other time we went I had scrambled eggs on sourdough with mushrooms on the side and Mr L had a Croque Madame. We have never been disappointed by Chez Dre and I consider it as very dangerous for my waistline living so close to this place.
Scrambled Eggs with a side of Mushrooms on Sourdough
Croque Madame

You can find Chez Dre, their friendly staff and mouthwatering food at:

Chez Dre
Rear of 285-287 Coventry Street
South Melbourne 3205
Telephone: 03 9690 2688
Email: info@chezdre.com.au

Open 7.30am - 4.30pm
7 days a week
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