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Are you looking over the edge of your plate yet?

One cold Melbourne winter afternoon I thought to myself, I want to start blogging again. As some might know, I already have a blog where I used to blog a fair bit about baking, but since starting a new job it's been difficult to find the time to bake. And frankly, if I would only bake and eat those baked goodies I'd be the size of a house soon! However, I didn't want to rebrand littlemissprincesscakes.com in order to be able to venture into different areas, but thought I'd start a whole new blog. So this is it!

I love the restaurant/ cafe/ foodie scene in Melbourne, there is an abundance of neighbourhoods and new places pop up all the time. Not only do I like to go out for a bite to eat but I also cook with a passion.

My aim is to try new things, in Germany we say "I want to look over the edge of my plate". I want to explore new ingredients and cuisines, recreate old recipes and try new and different ones.
I'm originally from Germany so another aim will be to cook some of the dishes I grew up with as a kid.

I think everyone should look over the edge of their plate every now and then, there are exciting new things out there and the passion and love of food brings people together.


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