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Breakfast at The Kettle Black in South Melbourne

Oh wow, I was excited about this one. I had heard about the opening of The Kettle Black in South Melbourne (where we live) and wanted to go last weekend, disappointment hit me when I read they were only going to open the following Tuesday. I think Mr L knew how much I wanted to go and we set up a Wednesday morning breakfast date. We got up early to fit it in before work and I can tell you it was well worth it! 
The location was easy to spot with a take away coffee cart outside and a line of thirsty professionals on their way to work waiting to get their hand on a freshly brewed cup. But we were not here for the take away coffee, we walked inside and were greated by a lovely waitress who led us to our table. We were seated in the glass half of Kettle Black, the other side is housed in an old terraced house.
The glass side is light and bright and has an overall great design, fresh pot plants, wooden tables, one bigger communal table and bronze trimmings on the counter and walls.

We ordered our usual coffees, a soy latte ($4.20) for me and a filter coffee ($6) for Mr L; the Ethiopian Hunkute brew must have been pretty amazing because he was raving about it!
The menu doesn't really distinguish between breakfast and lunch, so really a perfect brunch place. Mr L chose the Benedict Style Eggs With Free Range Pork Shoulder & Aerated Hollandaise ($17) and I couldn't go past the Hotcakes with House-Made Ricotta, Blueberries, Pure Maple, Double Cream and Seeds ($18) and also ordered a freshly squeezed Grapefruit Juice ($6).
The hotcakes, or I should probably say the hotcake, came out as one impressive cake, decorated prettily with berries, seeds and edible flowers and microgreens. Wow! 
The benedict style eggs, weren't your usual english muffin, topped with ham, a poached egg and hollandaise, but two slices of toasted sourdough, with a generous serving of pork shoulder, two eggs and aerated hollandaise. But before trying Mr L's, I dug into my hotcake first.
It was light and fluffy and sweet and had chunks of ricotta baked into it. The double cream and the berries helped to set-off the sweetness of the cake. Unfortunately it was a little bit too big for me, but Mr L was happy to help. 
Mr L's benedict style eggs were delicious too, the pork was juicy and tender and the eggs poached perfectly. I'm a sucker for hollandaise so I might have to get this one next time we go.
Unfortunately the guys from The Kettle Black don't take bookings on weekends, but during the week you can order for groups of 4 or more.
Overall experience: Double thumbs up, I'll definitely be back!

The Kettle Black
50 Albert Road
South Melbourne VIC 3205
03 9088 0721
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