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Beers and Pizzas at Little Creatures Dining Hall Melbourne

Usually it's quite hard to get a table for a group of 10 for a Saturday night dinner in Melbourne, but knowing the dimensions of the Little Creatures Dining Hall on Brunswick Street we thought we'd be in with a good shot. 

When ringing Little Creatures I was told by a very friendly person that we would have to go with the set menu if we book for a table of 10 on a Saturday night. But she also said she thought we should just come in on the night and should be able to score a table and would then be able to just order off the menu. I thought that was extremely nice of her! 
We rocked up at 5pm on Saturday afternoon and were led to one of the booths straight away.
The Little Creatures Dining Hall has the feel of a big industrial warehouse, high ceilings, metal beams, and a big lit up BEER sign at the end. I loved the metal lamps that were hanging off the ceiling! 
The bar took up about two thirds of the length of the room and they had plenty of different beers on offer.
Even though the beerhall is so big and had high ceilings the wall heaters provided enough heat on a freezing Melbourne winter night.
When it came to ordering food, we first got a bowl of fresh cut chips to share that came with garlic aoili. I could live on that stuff and eat chips with aoili any day of the week! The chips were "real" potato chips with still the potato skin on and were nicely salted and crispy.
Later on we ordered a pizza each, unfortunately  only got to snap photos of Mr L's and of my pizza. Mr L chose the prawn, pancetta, mozzarella and salsa verde pizza which was delicious! I opted for the slightly boring looking but very tasty Pizza Bianchi with added mushrooms. The bianchi is really only garlic bread, but I'm trying to be good with my lactose intolerance...  The pizza bases were really good, very crispy and thin.
The others mostly ordered pizzas too, one friend went with the braised beef cheek, which looked absolutely divine and by the look on his face it must have tasted accordingly!
At some point a brass band appeared and played their jazzy music for about 45 minutes which got everyone tapping their feet. A little boy couldn't help himelf and even went up with the band and played the drums for a song. (I think he must have been related to one of the guys, but still very cute!).
After another few beers, wines and ciders we eventually went home after our nice boozy dinner.
I loved the atmosphere of Little Creatures, very relaxed, a few families with kids, music at a level where you could still talk without losing your voice and excellent food and beers.
I had been to Little Creatures before and will be back again, those pizzas are just too good to miss! 
Little Creatures Dining Hall (Melbourne)
222 brunswick St
Fitzroy, VIC
Phone: (03) 9417 5500

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