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Clement Coffee Roasters at the South Melbourne Market

As some of you might have realised from my previous posts I'm quite lucky with where I live. South Melbourne is full of cafés, restaurants and of course has the market, which is open Wednesdays, Fridays and on the weekend.

One of the coffee stalls at the market is Clement, right next door to the famous South Melbourne Dim Sims. Clement is open 7 days a week, as it's not actually inside the market but has a street front with a beautiful big wooden door that opens into a small space inside. 
On market days they have a pop-up table outside to tempt the passers-by with delicious looking donuts. The kind of donuts they have vary all the time, a regular however is the salted caramel, but I have also seen Earl Grey, Orange Blossom and this time they also had Apple Crumble and Rose Custard.
We ordered our coffees inside, picked the donuts from the table outside and sat at one of the little tables outside, perfect for soaking up the sun and watching people go past on a busy market day!
Clement usually serve their coffee quite strong (too strong for me) but I asked for a weaker soy latte this time which was perfect and Mr L had single origin filter origin which was very smooth.

The salted caramel and the apple crumble donuts were absolutely delicious, light and fluffy and with enough caramel and apple crème patissiere inside. 
Clement is another one of those tempting little places around here that I will keep going back to. 

Clement Coffee Roasters
South Melbourne Markets
116-136 Cecil St
South Melbourne VIC 3205
Open Monday - Friday   7:30am-4:00pm
Saturday - Sunday  8:00am-5:00pm

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