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Stables Of Como

Two weekends ago I finally managed to go to the Stables of Como in South Yarra; my friend J  and I wanted to meet for breakfast and try somewhere new, neither of us had been and the day was beautiful to be out and about.
Mr L and I had already been checking out the cake display on the long wooden counter and I was excited to see what the breakfast menu had to offer.
The room was decorated in a lovely sophisticated country style, with wine bottles stacked against one wall and a big chicken drawn on a chalkboard on the wall behind the cake display, showcasing special events.
My friend and I both chose the chive rumbled eggs, pancetta + truffle pecorino on griddled crumpets, Mr L had the cheesy toast with eggplant kasundi and bacon.
The rumbled (or scrambled eggs) were super light and fluffy and the griddled crumpets an absolute revelation. They really were amazing, especially to a German who didn't grow up with them and has only tried the supermarket variety!
Mr L's cheesy toast with eggplant kasundi and bacon looked amazing too, as always I had to try at least a little! The kasundi, a kind of chutney, was lovely and the slight spice went really well with the cheesy toast, it was a simple and honest, yet delicious dish.
As I said before I had already checked out the cake display before and my friend, who also is a great fan of cakes, agreed with me that we definitely should try some, it was a brunch after all, so it was only right to follow it up with dessert.

Being European I simply could go past the Applestrudel, my friend and Mr L both went for a homemade wagon wheel each.
I probably shouldn't admit this, but I had never tried a wagon wheel before, but trust me, I have had a few since I've discovered them that day! 
My applestrudel was like a warm, 'appley' embrace from Europe - it is one of my favourite winter desserts of all time after all.
After brunch we decided to explore the gardens and buildings a bit, when you wander through the leafy garden you can easily forget you're in the middle of Melbourne.
The Stables of Como
Cute little waiting area so you can sit and enjoy your take-away coffee
Como House
Kitchen in the side building of Como House
Kitchen in the side building of Como House
Who wants to do the shopping?
Kitchen in the side building of Como House
If you want to have a lovely and well rounded country brunch experience in the middle of Melbourne, just head to The Stables of Como, I will certainly go back!

The Stables of Como
Como House & Garden
Cnr Williams Road & Lechlade Ave
South Yarra Victoria 


Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm
Sunday 10am to 5pm
(03) 9827 6886 - Dial 1 for Cafe, 2 for Events
The Stables of Como do not take CAFE BOOKINGS or reservations on Weekends or Public Holidays
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