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Master Roll Vietnam - Maybe the best lunch in South Yarra

As you know I've recently started a new job and it's located quite conveniently in South Yarra, not far from South Yarra Station. One of the many things I like about this location is the variety of lunch places we can go to near work. 
Pork Belly Banh Mi
At the moment, my favourite place is probably Master Roll Vietnam on Toorak Road near the station. Master Roll only opened up shop a few months ago but has already become very popular and it has happened to me a few times now, that I had to queue even outside the door. But it is so worth it! 
Their main thing are Vietnamese Rolls "Banh Mi" with different fillings as well as rice paper rolls and Pho.
Chicken Banh Mi
I usually get a craving at least once or twice a week for their Roast Chicken Banh Mi, I don't know how they do it but it's amazing! They butter the rolls and also spread some pâté on it, it then gets filled with chicken, carrots, daikon, spring onion, onion and a dressing. It is soo good and actually relatively healthy. And cheap as they only cost you $6 each, definitely one of the cheapest lunch spots I've been able to find so far in South Yarra. The pork belly one comes with lots and lots of crispy crackling, probably not quite as healthy as the chicken one!
The rice paper rolls are pretty good too, I usually order the duck rice paper roll. They come in a pretty white carton with a see-through "window" at the top, I know this doesn't make it taste any better, but it's aesthetically pleasing to the eye! With the rice paper rolls you get to choose your dipping sauce, either fish or hoisin (hoisin every time for me). I love rice paper rolls and especially with lots of herbs in them. These ones tick all the boxes, maybe not as cheap as the Banh Mi but still affordable at $7 per pack of two.
The Pho at Master Roll Vietnam is again great but for me something that I would typically eat in winter, I've had it and it had all your usual pho ingredients in it and was one of the better ones I've had.
But to conclude my ravings, (I'm getting really hungry again), I'm glad I've found this place and will continue coming here for my lunch time cravings!
Master Roll Vietnam
169 Toorak Rd
South Yarra VIC 3141
Mon - Thu 8:00am-8:00pm
Friday 8:00am-9:00pm
Saturday 10:00am-8:00pm

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