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Spontaneous Friday Night Pizza at D.O.C. (Albert Park)

I started a new job and had my first week last week. Mr. L and I treated ourselves to a spontaneous meal at D.O.C. in Albert Park to celebrate those first successful days. We had walked past it the other day on a walk and thought that's close enough to try out without venturing too far from home on a relaxing night.
Despite most of the tables being occupied we were lucky and scored one straight away! 
For starters we ordered scamorza (smoked mozarella) with bresaola, which came out on a piece of radicchio and some breadsticks. It was incredible! It's now a few days later and I still think of this dish, that's how special it was.
For mains we ordered a Pizza Speck, which had smoked prosciutto, fontina, wild mushrooms & thyme on it and a Pizza ai Procini: wild mushrooms, truffle oil & mozarella in biancowith grated D.O.P. pecorino.
Oh wow, both pizzas were amazing. 
I think if I really had to choose a favourite it would have to be the Pizza Speck, I might just have to go back and try them both again!
I've been dreaming (and annoying Mr. L) about freeform thin crust pizzas, meaning I didn't want the pan pizzas or usual pizzas you often get. No I wanted what I finally found at D.O.C., the crust was deliciously thin and the toppings not too many. I always prefer pizzas with only a few, high quality toppings and I found my go-to place now.
For dessert we shared a Sweet Goat's Cheese Tiramisu, I wish we had gotten two not only one to share!
I will definitely go back, this is a place that I would love to come back to every few weeks, to have a relaxed glass of wine and pizza after work.
D.O.C. Pizza Albert Park
135 Victoria Avenue
Albert Park VIC3206
Phone: 03 9690 7960
Mon-Thurs: Dinner only
Fri-Sat-Sun: Lunch & dinner

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