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Yesterday was Mr L's birthday and to celebrate appropriately after a pretty normal day at work we decided to have a super normal dinner - at Supernormal.
We were early enough to avoid the longer waiting times and were seated within 20 minutes and were lucky to score seats at the long bench stretching along the length of the open kitchen. Our seats were right where the desserts were being prepared and be could witness how one delicious Peanut Butter Parfait after another was churned out. And I couldn't wait to start eating so I could get my own little parfait at the end.

We had already decided to just go with the banquet ($65pp) instead of trying to pick the right items of the menu. The banquet included dishes from each section of the menu:

Sesame cucumber

Sea Bream, white soy & ginger

Prawn & Chicken Dumplings, chilli & vinegar sauce

New England Lobster Roll

White cut chicken, peanuts, chilli oil & housemade noodles

Slow cooked Szechuan lamb, spring onion pancake, coriander paste

Steamed white rice
Lettuce leaves, ginger vinegar dressing

Peanut Butter Parfait, salted caramel & soft chocolate

The service was superb and we quickly had the starters placed in front of us: soy roasted pumpkin seeds, pickles, sesame cucumber and sea bream white soy & ginger. We both loved the sea bream and the pickles, in particular the pickled mushrooms. 

Next came the prawn & chicken dumplings with chilli and vinegar sauce. They looked and smelled delicious, delivered on the taste too and the sauce had a great punch to it! 
Now came one of my two favourite items from the menu out: The New England Lobster Roll. We'd been watching one of the chefs preparing trays and trays of these delicious little rolls and Mr L had had them before at Golden Fields when it was still open. They were amazing! Little brioche buns that added a subtle sweetness to the lobster. I've already said, next time I could jsut have two of those and a dessert and I'd be happy! 

Next up was the white cut chicken with peanuts, chilli oil & housemade noodles. Super moorish and the sauce was so delicious that I could've licked the plate clean (I didn't).
At this point I was already pretty full which meant more for Mr L when the slow cooked szechuan lamb came out. I did try some and it was really, really good! I was worried that it might be too spicy for me as it had szechuan pepper in it, but it wasn't at all. The coriander paste and spring onion pancakes were a great combination that I kept nibbling on. The lettuce leaves were red and white witlof with some pear slices in between, it looked pretty plain but the dressing made it very nice and refreshing.

The big finale was given to us straight by the pastry chef as we were sitting at the dessert end of the kitchen bench: The Peanut Butter Parfait with a generous serve of salted caramel sauce poured over it, sprinkled with peanuts and then topped with soft chocolate. AMAZING. 
My verdict for Supernormal, it was definitely not just super normal but super great. Sitting and watching the chefs in the kitchen was like watching a well oiled machine, no shouting, they seemed to seamlessly switch roles and help one another out and no one was standing in anyone's way. What I also really liked was the fact that we didn't feel like we were rushed, the staff were very attentive but not pushy. I definitely want to go back. Still thinking of those lobster rolls and the parfait...
180 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
T. 03 9650 8688

Sunday - Thursday
11am - 11pm
Friday & Saturday
11am - midnight
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