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Lunch in the Sun - Marina Tavern on Hamilton Island

During our recent trip to Hamilton Island (I'v already told you about our great breakfast at Manta Ray), we rented a dinghy one morning to explore the surrounding islands. When we got back to the marina we were pretty hungry and thought a quick, light lunch would be perfect during the heat of the day.
The local pub, The Marina Tavern, was just across the road from the port and still had space on the terrace overlooking the port.
We ordered Fish & Chips and a Greek Salad with extra salt & pepper squid from the bar and sat waiting admiring the views.
Not long and our food came out. To be honest, when L first told me he had ordered Greek salad for us to share I was less than impressed. I usually picture Greek salad as big chunks of tasteless tomato, onion, feta and cucumber. But this one was different to what I expected and really nice, very flavoursome, with lots of olives and also some lettuce in there. The salt & pepper squid was cooked really well and tasted great.
While we were eating we got a cute visitor, even though you see them everywhere n Australia I still love Cockatoos!
The fish & chips were flathead tails with shoestring fries which both tasted great. The prices at the Marina Tavern were surprisingly reasonable, actually cheaper than Melbourne!
I can definitely recommend the Marina Tavern, uncomplicated, quick and good food.
Marina Tavern
Front St 
Hamilton Island QLD 
Phone 07 4946 9999
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