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Taste Of Melbourne 2014

The Taste of Melbourne has been on since Thursday night, I got my first smell of it when I was going for a run around Albert Park. Bad decision, I got so hungry jogging past the side where all the tents were set up with all these delicious smells wafting through the park. But we had set Saturday lunchtime set aside to get our own little fix of Taste.
Looking at the Menu Card online showed that there would be lots of places that I would like to try. We arrived at the Taste at mid day, when it opened and started eating our way around the tents and marquees. First up was Mr Claws where we got a Chunky Miso Wasabi Lobster Roll which came in a brioche bun. It was absolutely amazing and one of my favourite of all the dishes we tried.
Next door was Huxtaburger where a line was already starting to build (it was ridiculously long later in the day). We chose the Claire Jr Burger; southern fried chicken burger with slaw & jalpeno. 
I had already picked out the Soft Shell Crab Souvlaki from Gazi when I first looked at the Menu Card online. And it didn't disappoint, it was a generous serve and tasted delicious.

Saké is one of the restaurants on South Bank that I ride past every day on my way to work and have always wanted to try. We actually tried two of their dishes, the Tonkatsu (panko-fried pork belly and spring onion bites) and the Flinders Island Wallaby Bun (soy& ginger braised shank in bun with miso).
The Tonkatsus were really good! I've only recently discovered pork belly so these little bites hit the spot!

Last savoury dish was Movida's Pinchito's Morunos, Flinders Island Lamb that had been marinated in moorish spices and cooked over charcoal.
It was great to see Frank Camorra behind the grill and cooking those skewers.

Next up where the desserts. We started with a Vanilla & Honeycomb Gelato from N2. Unfortunately N2 is located on the other side of Melbourne so I haven't had a chance to try their gelato before but have only drooled over photos of their creations on instagram.
The vanilla gelato was prepared in front of us in Kitchen Aids with liquid nitrogen and ten scooped into a cup that already hat honeycomb in it, and was topped with more honeycomb and injected with the signature syringe which had caramel in it.
I now know that I will definitely make a trip across the city to get another one of these!

The Burch & Purchese café is located very close to my work but so far I have been strong enough to withstand the temptation.
But today I couldn't go past the Explosive Raspberry Tube, which had a raspberry mousse at the bottom, then raspberry, marshmallow and milk choc, popping candy and more marshmallow on top.

Last one on our list was the Tarta de Queso from Movida, a goats milk cheesecake with almond crumb and watermelon. The goats milk gave the cheesecake a really interesting taste and new twist, I loved it! 
After all of this we amazing food we rolled back home. When we talked about all the food we both couldn't name a single dish we didn't like. I loved the fact that we got to try lots of different things from great restaurants in Melbourne. 
(Just to clarify, I didn't eat all the food alone, we shared every single dish, otherwise I probably would have exploded!).

Taste of Melbourne
Pelican Lawn, Albert Park Lake

13-16 November, 2014

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