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Andrew's Hamburgers

As you might know, I love living in South Melbourne. We've got the market right at our footstep and so many cafes near buy. However, Albert Park is also only within a short walking distance and yesterday we finally went to Andrew's Hamburgers. We caught up with two friends who had been meaning to try the much hyped burgers too. 
Andrew's Hamburgers has been around for 75 years, it's crazy but I don't think nowadays restaurants tend to stay open for that long. The food scene seems to be forever changing with places closing and new places popping up instead. I love seeing places like Andrew's defying these changes and serving up burgers since 1939!
We lined up inside the tiny Hamburger Grill to place our order and scored a table outside. We knew Andrew's is popular, but even on a Wednesday night it was so busy that we were told, waiting time for our burgers is 20 minutes.
When our name was finally called I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into this delicious looking burger!
We got the Andrew's Burger With The Lot, which included a beef pattie, lettuce, cooked onion, egg, bacon, tomato, double cheese and tomato sauce, as well as a side of chips.
The burgers smelled divine! 
The fried eggs were done perfectly, slightly waxy in the middle. The beef pattie was juicy and the double cheese had melted into the burger.
Even though the burgers were pretty big, I polished mine off in no time... The side of chips we ordered were deliciously crisp and salty, especially the boys were raving about them! 
We loved Andrew's Hamburgers and will definitely be back! As L pointed out, it might have been a mistake that we finally tried it though. We might end up coming too often now. The food was great, quick and not too expensive and we live within walking distance. I think my argument of "Well, if you walk to get your burger it's healthy again" should count though.
Andrew's Hamburgers
144 Bridport St
Albert Park, VIC 
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