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Now, I have been waiting for months to do this post. About 3.5 months ago I heard about TOASTA, a food truck that was going to pop-up in different locations in Melbourne, selling delicious toasties.
But they've always been too far north for me!! Last week I correctly guessed where their pop-up stall was going to be (Prahran Markets) and won a free toastie! Yay! I was really, really happy!
Today was the day: TOASTA opened their blue pop-up and I ventured down in my lunch break to claim my toastie. Mind you, I would've walked down anyway, even if I hadn't won one, but to buy one. The photos these guys post on facebook look so mouthwatering that I was happy to walk 20 minutes to finally get my hands on one of these.
Rebecca and Tim, the couple behind TOASTA were both super friendly, chatty and happy to recommend which one I should go for. Charlie. Charlie comes with Swiss cheese, chicken, bacon, basil walnut pesto and roast capsicum.
All toasties are made with Zeally Bay Organic Sourdough. When I asked Rebecca about their secret to these delicious toasties she simply said, it's the great quality produce they use.
I loved Charlie! The bread was toasted golden brown, the pesto was subtle, the cheese deliciously melted and the roasted capsicum added a slight touch of sweetness. Delicious! When I received my toastie Rebecca also gave me one of their homemade sodas to try. I have to admit, I hardly ever drink soda or any other softdrink as I often find them too sweet. But this soda was delicious! I had the Passionfruit & Naval Orange one and yes, I would buy one again! I loved that it still had some passionfruit seeds floating in it and it was super refreshing!
I hope these guys stay at the Prahran Market for a while, I would love to try some of the other toasties as well. Like Sammi, the 4-cheese, blanched spring greens and dill toastie. Or Babe who comes with Gouda, bacon, apple butter and rocket... So many to choose from!
Well done Rebecca and Tim, you can tell you have put your heart and soul into this and that you love what you're doing!

Food truck, check facebook (here) for location
Toasta on Urbanspoon

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