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Epicurious - A Quick Stopover in Singapore for Breakfast

I think this is the first time I can say I went through passport control in a country and then only spent 6 hours in said country.
L and I have been in Germany for 1.5 weeks now, on our way here we flew via Singapore. Friends of mine live in Singapore whom I haven't seen since 2012. When I saw I had a total of 8 hours between flights I told them we had to organize breakfast to catch up. 
We met our friends and went for a wander along the river to get to Epicurious. Not a traditional Singaporean breakfast but rather a more western style one.
I ordered a homemade pink lemonade which came out in a jam jar. No escaping the hipsters! But it was delicious and very refreshing!
To eat L ordered the Baked Eggs with Toast Soldiers, I followed my friends recommendation and got a breakfast burrito. 
The food came out pretty fast and looked great. I have to admit, I did get some food envy when L's baked eggs came out, they looked amazing! 
The eggs were covered in cheese and were delicious! He had a choice of mushrooms or bacon and went for the bacon. I love it when the bacon is thin and crispy, exactly like the one he received!
My burrito probably didn't look as delicious as the baked eggs but was super tasty nonetheless. 
Two scrambled eggs, some chorizo, tomato, cheddar and a tomato-chili resh all wrapped in a tortilla, with a side of tomato salsa and fried potatoes.
It was super delicious! The cheese had melted into the egg but the whole thing still wasn't too heavy for eating on such a warm day. We can definitely recommend this place, the service was friendly and quick and sitting outside near the river was lovely. 
It was really great to catch up with our friends, leaving the airport was well worth it! I hope it won't be this long again until we see you again!

60 Robertson Quay
#01-02 The Quayside
Singapore 238252
+65 6734 7720
Monday closed
Tue-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm and 6-10pm
Sat & Sun 9am-10pm

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