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Hophaus - Tried and Tested by a German

It seems there are more and more German restaurants and beer halls popping up around Australia. As a German I thought I have to try them one by one to see how authentic they are. I've been to a work function before at Hophaus on Southbank and now finally went back again with some friends.
Firstly I have to admit something: I am German but I don't like beer. But I did check out the drinks menu and it seemed they had a nice variety of German beers in varying sizes.
L did try a few different ones, solely for the purpose of research of course!
L and I decided to share some starters and a dessert. Our friends ordered some more substantial dishes.
First starter for us were the Bitterballen. I've had these before here and absolutely loved them. They are not a traditional German dish but more Dutch I think. The little crumbed balls can probably be best compared to a croquette, soft inside with a kind of ragout and crunchy on the outside. So not necessarily German but still gets a bit thumbs up from me. Deeelicious! 
Our other starter were German style meatballs in a white sauce with capers. In Germany these are also known as "Koenigsberger Klopse" and usually served as a main dish with potatoes. The sauce was super tasty and the meatballs which were made out of a mixture of pork and veal were very juicy and tender. The German's verdict on these: great dish, would definitely order again.
One friend ordered the Spit Roasted Sucking Pig to share. Out came an impressive looking big serve. I was they would order the whole suckling pig and it would come out with an apple in it's mouth, but I guess that would've been a bit excessive for two people to share... (However, you can get a whole one, just need to give 24 hour notice). Unfortunately I didn't get to try this one, but the boys seemed very pleased with their order! 
Another friend tried the Chicken Schnitzel with slaw and German potato salad, which I did get to try. The schnitzel was very big but tasty. The potato salad came with a mayonaise and dill dressing which I quite liked.
For dessert L wanted to try the Applestrudel, but that's a winter dish in my eyes so I convinced him to try the Quark-Cheesecake. Quark is similar to ricotta and unfortunately a bit hard to get in Australia, but us Germans love it! 
The cheesecake did taste delicious, it was served with some lemon curd and seemed to have a slight lemon taste to itself too. I liked the German twist to a cheesecake, if you're a cheesecake lover, try it!
But when my friends' dessert came out I got massive food envy. They had chosen the Black Forest Cake. I had pictured this as just a normal slice of Black Forest Cake with chocolate sponge, cream and cherries, which I also love. But what came out instead was an amazing looking dessert in a tall glass with chocolate mousse, vanilla ice cream, cherries, chocolate biscuits and thick chocolate shavings on top.

Oh wow! It didn't just look amazing, it also tasted absolutely delicious. German verdict, top notch, that was a great version of Black Forest Cake!

I really like the Hophaus, it's relaxed and doesn't play on the German clichees of Lederhosen and Dirndl (the German dress), but instead offers a modern twist on German food. I shall hopfully be back soon for more Bitterballen and Black Forest Cake. 
Mid Level
Southgate Restaurant & Shopping Precinct
Southbank VIC 3006
03 9682 5900

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