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South Melbourne Night Market 2015 (Nights 2 & 3)


As you all know, the South Melbourne Night Market is currently happening every Thursday night. We live so close by that I've been eating fabulous food for the last three Thursdays. So far I haven't doubled up on anything and I'm hoping to be able to say I've tried every single stall soon.
Last week I didn't get around to blogging about our visit so this one will be two visits combined.
We were joined by a group of friends last week and split up to get our food. The line at Dude Food didn't look too bad so a few of us decided to get burgers and chips.
The wait was a bit longer than expected but the burgers were amazing, and the chips were some of the best I've had, very crunchy with skin on.

Dude Food Man on Urbanspoon 
L got a Mexican hot dog from The Snag Society which was topped with guacamole, salsa, chilli and cheese.
It looked pretty incredible and according to L's judgement (and the line at the stall) it tasted pretty great too.
Snag Society on Urbanspoon
For dessert I really wanted to try the Greek Donuts from St.Gerry's. The line was super long but moved pretty quickly.
I opted for the Hazelnut Choc with Cookie Crumble. Super delicious! The little donuts weren't too sweet and the biscuit crumble was lovely and crunchy.
I was also going to get a Fudge Puppy (a waffle on a stick) for L but unfortunately they had sold out. 
St Gerry's on Urbanspoon

Today L and I went again, L wanted to try a burger from Dude Food, I lined up at Greek Street Food By Kara's Kalamaki.
I had seen so many people in the previous weeks walking around with delicious looking souvlakis. I chose The Bahh Souva with lamb fillet, tomato, onion, chips with tzatziki and mustard and also a serve of chips with oregano and feta.
The chips were delicious, lots of feta on top and great flavour. The meat in the souvlaki was very tender and juicy.
The tzatziki had dill in it, which was like a 'secret' ingredient that lifted the flavour up that extra notch.
Greek Street Food By Kara's Kalamaki on Urbanspoon
After L had finished his juicy double burger from Dude Food I ventured out to get dessert for us.
Some friends got gelato from Bianco Latte Gelato last week which was delicious so I couldn't go past that today. I chose the Peanutbutter & Nutella gelato.
Great choice, it had big pieces of chocolate and peanuts in the gelato. It was so creamy and delicious!
Bianco Latte Gelato Cart on Urbanspoon

The other dessert we got was a French Vanilla Crème Brûlée from The Brûlée Cart. It had a lovely crust and a really nice creamy texture. The sugar burning part was done right there on the spot and topped off with a little raspberry. Also a great dessert!
The Brûlée Cart on Urbanspoon

South Melbourne Night Markets

15 January - 05 March 2015

From 5:30 pm onwards

Free rooftop parking


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