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South Melbourne Night Market 2015

We are back from Germany! We had three glorious weeks at home with my family. Christmas in the dark and cold Northern hemisphere, just like I like it. And it even started snowing on Boxing Day. It was sad to say goodbye again but we are already planning our next trip. So through all the jetlag and farewell sadness I was happy to see the South Melbourne Night Markets 2015 were popping up this week. And they're coming back every Thursday for the next 8 weeks! 
Dinner is sorted for the next 8 Thursday I'd say! 
Tonight we intended to once walk along the entire market to see what's on offer before making a decision on what to have for dinner. Well that idea was thrown out the window quickly!
I'd been wanting to try White Guy Cooks Thai and he happened to be one of the first stalls we came across.
We ordered a Vietnamese Roll with Roast Pork Belly ($6) and a Green Chicken Curry with Rice ($12). Despite it being fairly busy it didn't take too long for our food to come out. L's Banh Mi looked amazing and tasted delicious! The pork was lovely and crispy and came with Asian slaw, chilli and coriander.
I was glad to realize my green curry wasn't too hot but had just the right amount of punch to it, it was delicious! 
White Guy Cooks Thai Mobile Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Along we walked through the market and came across a stall that smelled very familiar and absolutely mouthwatering. A raclette stall! I've grown up with this dish that consists of melted cheese scraped over potatoes and have even hosted a raclette night for my friends in Melbourne before.
Frencheese offered two options, 'La Traditionelle' ($11) with just potatoes, cornichons, salad and melted Raclette cheese. And 'La Charcuterie' ($13), same as above but with added salami and ham. We decided to try La Charcuterie and I was literally licking my lips while waiting. We were lucky and didn't have to wait too long and after about 5 minutes we could dig in. 
It was amazing! Really amazing and I loved that they didn't just use any melted cheese but actual Raclette cheese.
Frencheese on Urbanspoon

Unfortunately the dessert stall, where they were selling doughnuts and waffles had such a long line we decided to skip it this time and come back next week. But it looked and smelled delicious.
We decided to try one of the pretzels from Bretzel.biz. Now, I'm from Germany as you all know and in Germany we don't say Pretzel (I only do that for you). We say Brezen in Bavaria and Bretzel or Brezel everywhere else in Germany.
But the pretzels from Bretzel.biz tasted like the real deal from home. They were fresh and soft inside. We opted for the Salted Caramel ($7) one which was a great choice!
Next week we'll try to be there early enough again because I really want to try the chocolate filled one with roasted nuts on top! 
German Bretzel Cafe on Urbanspoon

Thank you South Melbourne Market for organising this great event, we'll be regular visitors!
Most food places (if not all) only take cash so make sure you have some on you! There are little seating areas set-up throughout and also bands playing for a nice relaxed atmosphere.

South Melbourne Night Markets
15 January - 05 March 2015
From 5:30 pm onwards
Free rooftop parking

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