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The George Hotel South Melbourne

Usually L and I try to keep our dinners out to the weekend, but every now and then a spontaneous week night dinner sneaks in there when neither of us can be bothered to whip something up at home after work.
One of the places we like to go to for a cheap, quick and delicious dinner is The George Hotel in South Melbourne.
They have indoor and outdoor seating areas and a great range of pub meals on offer.
I haven't tried everything but my favourite so far is the Pulled Lamb Burger with chips on the side. The delicious slow roasted Moroccan spiced lamb, rocket, red onions, and tzatziki spill out of the burger. It's amazing! 
Another favourite is the Schnitzel. I'm German, liking Schnitzel is almost expected of me. Although I usually prefer veal schnitzel this one is delicious too. The schnitzel at The George come in big portions and of course with chips and cole slaw.
Another burger, which I haven't personally tried is The George Burger, it comes with the lot: beef pattie, egg, tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese and tomato relish. My best friend's husband gave it the thumbs up! 
When we just want something to pick on while enjoying a drink their huge serve of nachos is perfect. Much to my liking it comes with lots of guacamole and cheese. 
As you can tell from the above, the portion sizes at The George are generous and you get great value for money. We will definintely be back, I'm craving another Pulled Lamb Burger now! 

The George Hotel
139 Cecil St
South Melbourne VIC 3205
Phone: 03 9686 5655

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