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South Melbourne Night Market 2015 (Nights 4 & 5)

The South Melbourne Night Markets have passed the half way mark - there will only be 3 more. It seems every week the market gets busier but we still brave the crowd every Thursday. 

If this is the first post you are reading from my 'South Melbourne Night Market 2015'-series, we try to find new food to eat every Thursday. You can read about my previous visits here and here.

Köy, the Turkish restaurant on the Cecil St side of the market is also serving their gözleme on Thursday's. I have to admit I have never tried them as the queues on weekends have always deterred me.
Lining up was worth it, the Turkish ladies preparing the gözleme were so happy and lovely, it was infectous. I went with their recommendations and got a minced meat gözleme, served with yoghurt. It was crunchy on the outside and fresh and juicy on the inside. I understand now why there are always such long queues and I'll line up again for sure. 
Köy Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Dutchess also have a stall at the night market, selling drinks and varying foods. Two weeks ago they were serving Whisky-BBQ Burgers. L and I decided to share one. 
Served on a slightly sweet brioche bun are thin slices of the most succulent and juicy beef. The slight sharpness of a wasabi mayonnaise rounded the whole burger up nicely. Probably one of the most simple yet best burgers I have had in a long time. 
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After only half a burger L was still hungry and decided to get another hot dog from The Snag Society. Last time he got The Mexican, this time going with my nationality he chose The German.
The German came with sauerkraut, fried onion and mustard. According to L is was ggood but not as good as The Mexican.
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Last week I finally tried the pizza from Happy Camper. The tinny camper van has been set up at every one of the Night Markets and I've been meaning to try one of their delicious looking pizza.
I chose the 'shroom' which was topped with tomato, gorgonzola, mushrooms, artichoke and finally finished off with a drizzle of olive oil.

I loved it. The base was thin and crispy. The flavours went really well together and the gorgonzola wasn't too overpowering. I can definitely recommend getting one of their pizzas. 
Happy Camper Pizza on Urbanspoon

On the dessert front we actually doubled up. I had ice cream from the 196° Below stall. They use liquid nitrogen to make the creamiest ice cream in different flavours. First up I had Tiramisu, the special of the day. It was super creamy and had an amazing flavour, just like real tiramisu.
You could taste the amaretto and coffee. My friends had the salted caramel which was one of the best salted caramel ice creams I have ever tried. Sweet and salty at the same time, in a perfect balance (sorry no photo though).
Last week I tried the strawberry and cream ice cream, which again was delicious, topped with fresh strawberries. Oh an have I mentioned that they both came in a chocolate waffle?
One of my friends tried the chocolate brownie ice cream, topped with a little fresh brownie. It was very chocolatey and like the others full of flavour and delicous.
They're pretty big serves, so when choosing your mains make sure you leave enough room for dessert.
196° Below on Urbanspoon

While I was enjoying my tiramisu ice cream two weeks ago, L got an ice cream sandwich from I Scream Sandwich. He chose the Salty Doodle, which is salted caramel ice cream wedged between a choc chip snickerdoodle cookie.
The guy serving the ice cream sandwiches was one of the happiest guys at the markets, he seemed like he truly loved what he was doing, as he was doing it with a passion. And the ice cream sandwich was really delicious too.

We're already looking forward to the market this week, let's see what we'll try this time! 

South Melbourne Night Markets
15 January - 05 March 2015
From 5:30 pm onwards
Free rooftop parking

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