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South Melbourne Night Market (Nights 6 & 7)

With the slow end of summer, the South Melbourne Night Market is also winding down with only one more session to go.
Having been seven times now (I have written about our previous visits herehere and
here), we have tried almost everything but seem to go back to the same places for dessert, but there was still one place I really wanted to try for dinner. 
I have now finally tried the food from Nem N' Nem, the Vietnamese food truck.
I couldn't resist the sound of the Sweet and Sour Pork Belly with Golden Bao. And I also ordered some chicken fried rolls as I know I'd have to share with L.
The wait wasn't too long and soon I was holding some delicious looking pork belly. 
It was crispy, succulent and full of flavour. Shame I had to share it...
The chicken fried rolls were equally delicious, crunchy on the outside with a flavoursome chicken filling inside. 
Mv friends got the Viet's Tacos and the Nem's Platter. SJ's tacos looked amazing and according to her verdict delivered on the taste too. Two soft taco shells were filled with juicy yet crispy fried chicken, Asian slaw and a spicy dressing.
The Nem's Platter consisted of veggie fried rolls, pork char-siu rice paper rolls and char-grilled chicken skewers with satay sauce.
The satay sauce was amazing, so much flavour! The chicken skewers were again juicy and had a lovely char-grilled flavour to them. I'm not sure I can make it to the last Night Market, but if I can I'll go back to the Vietnamese truck again. The dishes were all really well done. 
Nem N' Nem on Urbanspoon

For dessert our group split up again, I went to back to Bianco Latte Gelato, the flavours of their gelato have convinced me before (read about it here) and I was keen to try some more. I'm a lover of the combination of white chocolate and raspberry.
Seeing this combo on the menu I had to try it. And it was creamy and delicious just as I had imagined.
Bianco Latte Gelato Cart on Urbanspoon

The others went to 196° Below for some nitro ice cream. L had the cherry cheese cake ice cream which had lots of cherry  and cheesecake pieces mixed through a chocolatey icecream.
My friend M was intrigued by the new neon range that 196° Below were offering. Her lime and pine sorbet looked certainly amazing in a glowing yellow. She found the pine flavour too overpowering though.

Come down to South Melbourne, this Thursday is the last time you can enjoy the great atmosphere with live music and delicious food. 

South Melbourne Night Markets

15 January - 05 March 2015
From 5:30 pm onwards
Free rooftop parking

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