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The Rose Diner And Bar

In search for a room to rent for my birthday dinner, L came up with Rose Diner and Bar. The pictures looked great and the food sounded very old-school and delicious. The kind of food our parents cooked for dinner parties back in the 80's. 
We went to check it out and went back last week with L's mother. We all loved it and I can't wait for my birthday dinner there! 
The spacious bar and dining area has red brick walls with wooden beams that are decorated with flowers. Set between the tables on the wall is a retro fridge that keeps the wine nice and cold. 
From the selection of starters we have so far tried the steak tartare, the coronation chicken vol-au-vents , the Monterey Jack croquettes and the BBQ wings. 
The steak tartare tasted super creamy once the egg yolk had been mixed through. The tartare and the Monterey Jack croquette were probably my favourite so far. The croquettes were really crunchy on the outside but upon biting into them the melted cheese was oozing out. 
L especially loved the BBQ wings. They came with a side of blue cheese sauce and carrot and celery sticks.
The coronation chicken vol-au-vents are probably the dish that scream 'retro' the most. The first time we came they were sold out but we were lucky the second time around. The vol-au-vonts were a crispy golden brown, the chicken had a nice curry kick to it, a lovely flavour. 

Following the mouthwatering entrĂ©es came equally great mains. My favourites so far is the pan-fried snapper with mussels, spinach and chardonnay butter sauce. I could've licked the plate, that's how delicious the chardonnay butter sauce was. The snapper was cooked to perfection and accompanied by a generous serve of mussels. 
However, the snapper is followed by a close second. The Filet Mignon with silverbeet, chips and bĂ©arnaise sauce. The meat was wrapped in bacon and cooked to absolute perfection, melting in my mouth. 
Last week L tried the brined, smoked & grilled half chicken with heirloom tomatoes, grilled summer corn, basil and parsley sauce. It looked super fresh and pretty with the heirloom tomatoes. When I tasted a bit it was just as delicious as it looked. The chicken was full of flavour and juicy. 
I think no meal is complete without dessert. The dessert menu again showcases some old-school dishes that I always have a hard time deciding between. 
The figs and maple and bacon ice cream were a special the first time we were here. The sound of the maple and bacon ice cream was too intriguing to not order it. The flavours weren't too overpowering but just ever so subtle. 
The Valrhona chocolate mousse with brandy snap and cream was amazing. I really need to make brandy snaps at home again, the crunchy burnt sugar flavour is just so good. The mousse itself was rich and velvety but ideal for sharing. I can definitely recommend it! 

Rose Diner and Bar
309 Bay Street
Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
(03) 9681 8550
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