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Breakfast at Oscar Cooper

It has already been close to two weeks since I completed my very first fun run. Two friends and I ran the 15.5km Run For The Kids. After having burned so many calories we thought we deserved a nice breakfast and my friends suggested Oscar Cooper in Prahran.
After a quick shower and change from sports gear into normal clothing we walked over and only had to wait about 15 minutes until we were seated.
It seems Oscar Cooper is one of those few places where you can get breakfast and also a glass of bubbles to toast to whatever reason you have! So we ordered our coffees and a glass of bubbles while trying to decide what to choose from the delicious sounding menu.
My friend SJ and I both chose Oscar’s benedict on potato roesti, smashed avo, poached eggs, thyme buttered, chilli mushroom and tangy hollandaise. I was starving, therefore I also ordered a side of fries. For breakfast... and they were delicious!
I was glad that the mushrooms only had a very slight hint of chilli so it wasn't too overpowering. The roesti was crisp and crunchy on the outisde and well cooked on the inside. The eggs were poached beautifully with the centre still soft and gooey. I'm a sucker for sauces and I loved the hollandaise, just wish there had been more.
SJ's husband ordered the breakfast bruschetta of two poached eggs on ciabatta with smashed avocado, spicy tomato salsa & salted ricotta and chorizo. I must admit I had a little bit of fod envy when his plate came out. The tomatoes were a burst of colour and it just looked really good. And tasted equally as nice!
L picked Luisa’s zucchini fritters with tomato fondue, buffalo mozzarella, micro herb salad, white balsamic reduction & poached eggs. Like my roesti, the fritters were nice and crunchy on the outside with a nice flavour inside. I have to say zuchini is probably my least favourite vegetable, but I like it in fritters and these ones were beautiful!
The whole dish was full of flavour, the tomato sauce and mozarella both complimented the fritters perfectly. I think next time we go I might have the fritters, they were just so delicious.

Oscar Cooper
160 Greville St 
Prahran, VIC 
03 9529 5670
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