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Autumn at The South Melbourne Market

No recipe or review this time, but photos from one of my favourite weekend pastimes. In my posts I always talk about the abundance of fresh produce at the South Melbourne Markets. Last weekend I took my camera with me when I went shopping. 
Georgeous display at Georgie's Harvest
The food displayed is more or less the same all year around, the prices however change with the seasons. The food displayed most prominently is usually the produce in season.
Beetroot are in season at the moment
On Sundays from about half past three onwards the market gets very busy: the stall-holders try to sell there last products before shutting shop until Wednesday again. Sunday afternoon is therefore the best time to score a bargain. A whole tray of mangoes in summer for $10, bags of tomatoes for $1, etc. 
Shiny and a deep purple, how good do these eggplants look?
Fresh Corn
The oyster shuckers at the markets are famous. You can see people slurping oysters like it's the most normal thing to eat.
Oysters - delicious little morsels at Aptus Seafood - to be eaten there and then
For someone coming from Germany, where oysters are hard to get and very expensive, this is still amazing to watch. I do however love oysters and share a dozen with L every now and then. 
So much Crayfish!
Morton Bay Bugs at Aptus Seafood
Blue Swimmer Crabs on display at Aptus Seafood
My favourite shop when it comes to displaying its produce is Georgie's Harvest. It's earthy and moody. You get all sorts of different root vegetables and potatoes. When you don't know which one is the best for the dish you have in mind, Georgie and her staff are always very helpful. And the mushrooms! I love mushrooms, as a child I used to go foraging with my grandmother and parents. My grandmother still goes into the forest every autumn to find the best mushrooms and dries them to use throughout the year. 
A large variety of potatoes and condiments at Georgie's Harvest
Pumpkin and chillies at Georgie's Harvest
Bright yellow flowers, on display at Azalea Flowers
Flowers on display at Azalea Flowers
I consider myself very, very lucky to live so close to this amazing place that is every foodlovers dream! 

South Melbourne Markets
Corner of Coventry & Cecil Streets
South Melbourne VIC 3205

Opening Hours:
Wednesday 8am - 4pm
Friday 8am - 5am
Saturday & Sunday 8am - 4pmM - 4PM

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