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A few months ago, L made a new friend, his name is Barry. I was getting a bit jealous as he was spending a fair few Saturday mornings after the gym visiting him. But now he thought it was finally time to introduce us. I was curious after all their dates and was excited to see what Barry had to offer that I didn't have.
The big open, industrial style, cafe is located on the bottom end of High Street. In true Northside style you can find a fair amount of hipsters, which in my opinion, can only speak for great coffee. (Hipsters would never drink bad coffee).
Barry must've recently changed their menu as the Fritters, which L had raved about beforehand, were nowhere to be found. But don't worry, there were plenty of other great sounding options! After our coffee orders had arrived we ordered our food.
L's Ricotta hotcake with orange and mint mousse was so tasty I must've eaten about half his serve! The guys at Barry had done something to some of the orange segments that gave them a crispy outside but still a soft and juicy inside. Almost as if they had been deep-fried. Great texture! 
Us girls both chose the Benedict eggs, one with kale instead of hashbrown, one with mushrooms on the side. The Hollandaise was made with Apple Cider Vinegar which resulted in a slightly sour (but great) taste. The eggs were poached perfectly with runny centres which resulted in the yolk running over the hashbrown in a picture-perfect manner. I don't often eat Eggs Benedict when I go out for breakfast but these were done so well I would go back in an instant to have more.
The crushed avo looked super fresh, healthy and delicious. It was served in a bowl with feta, herbs, radishes and dukkah if my memory serves me right. 
I can now understand that L made a new friend and I have a feeling we can be friends too. The food at Barry. is great and inventive, everything had a a delicious twist to it.

85 High St
Northcote VIC 3070
03 9481 7623

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