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ZomatoMeetup at Mesa Verde

Mexican food is one of those trends that luckily doesn't seem to go away in this city. So I was super excited when I got an invitation from Zomato to join them at the ZomatoMeetup at Mesa Verde.
Mesa Verde is located in Curtin House on Swanston St. Yep, the one with the many stairs. And Mesa Verde is on the 6th floor. While I actually had the rare option of having the elevator right there, ready to take me upstairs, I opted for the stairs. To get the real feeling. I thought my half marathon training would've meant I was fit but apparently climbing stairs is a different matter altogether. At least I felt like I had burned enough calories to sit down for an amazing meal.
We started of with beer and tequila. I'm not a beer drinker at all, and thought mixing it with tequila sounds odd. But I actually really likes it! The glass comes with tequila in it and salt on the rim, you then need to tip the bottle in, in one swift motion. There was some pressure, but I succeeded!
Pork Scratchings with green salsa, something I had never tried before but loved! 
I love fish and I love tacos, so I knew I would love these Fish al Pastor Tacos. Unfortunately I had to share and couldn't just have them all to myself.
If I remember correctly, a taquito is like a fried taco. And these ones were filled will deliciously tender strips of BBQ'ed steak. I know I have to take my man here, this is exactly his kind of food!
Others opted for El Scorcho, with Jalapenos in the Margarita and pepper on the rim. I thought you can never go wrong with a classic and chose the non-spicy version.
This one was probably my favourite dish of the night and I have to admit I ate almost the whole bowl by myself. Oops. Fundido is like the Mexican version of fondue and it came with bits of pickled morel mushrooms and nopales (cactus). It. Was. So. Good!
Look at that stringiness.
I'm trying to stay away from desserts at the moment, but some things are just too good to resist. Like these Cinnamon Donuts with Mezcal Hot Chocolate dipping sauce. Light and fluffy but crunchy on the outside and then you dip them into a bath of hot choclate, mmmmh.
Our last drink for the night was the roast pumpkin and pineapple mixture. My friends from Two Bears And A Fork tell me this tastes exactly like a Pumpkin Pie (one of the bears is from the States, she must know!). Wow, this was so good that I have actually researched recipes for Pumpkin Pie spice.
I honestly can't wait to take L here, everything we tried was top notch and delicious.
Thank you again to Cathy from Mesa Verde and to the team from Zomato for having me!

Mesa Verde
Level 6 Curtin House
252 Swanston St
Melbourne VIC 3000
Mesa Verde Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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